Mimi Thomas TNC

Therapeutic Nutrition Counselor

After working 42 years in public and private education, Mimi Thomas could not stop!  Currently, she is teaching art therapy at Second Chances in Southern Utah  (SCINSU) working with troubled teenage girls. Mimi has been a presenter at numerous conferences throughout Utah.

Mimi’s accomplishments include Utah Elementary Art Educator of the year, Art Educator of the year State of Utah, a  Consultant on Ethnomathematics: awarded on the top 100 websites for math teachers, ABC the Arts and Me." Art Teacher of the Year", Lapoint Elementary "Teacher of the Year", West Jr High  "Teacher of the Year", LDAU (Learning Disabilities Association of Utah, "Teacher of the Year" for Utah state for her work with learning disabled children.

Mimi has had numerous health issues since birth and has been on an adventure to heal since her 20's. After trying many avenues, she realizes what we eat, what we think, moving our bodies, and avoiding negative energy are some of the most important issues affecting our health.  She has studied many alternative methods to aid in the process of healing. She is a certified TNC  Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor.

She currently serves on the board of the i2h2e  International Institute of Holistic Health Education. She now joins the  High Vibrations Healing team as an AO Scan facilitator. She wants to share with the world that we can all feel better and be in a happier place with our health and our lives. She is the mother of five.