All monthly memberships include a 20% discount!


Membership Perks

  • Monthly membership includes 1 service credit per month

  • Monthly services are upgradable. Just pay the difference in the retail prices

  • 20% membership discount applies to all additional services purchased

  • 10% discount on all products

  • Membership credits can be shared or gifted to family and friends

  • Unused service credits accumulate (so don’t worry about missing a month)

  • Unused service credits can be claimed as gift certificates with no expiration dates

  • You can freeze or cancel your membership for any reason with 30 days written notice

The Fine Print (don’t worry, it’s all good stuff!)

  • Unused monthly credits will accumulate up to 365 days from the start of the membership. Prior to the end of this 365 day period, any unused service credits may be converted to gift certificates to be used by the member, family or friends

  • All service credits that have been converted to gift certificates never expire (Yay!). The gift certificate holder simple pays the difference in the value of the gift certificate and the current price of any desired service

  • Gift certificates cannot be redeemed for cash

  • Membership price, discounts on additional services or products may not be combined with other promotional offers


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