Massage Therapists


Ian Smith LMT

Ian specializes in the slow, intentional therapeutic touch of Deep Tissue, balancing qualities of Traditional Thai Massage, and profound relaxation effects of Swedish Massage. Each of his sessions are tailored uniquely to each client’s conditions and requests, utilizing skills and techniques from multiple modalities to work towards a common goal of improved health and wellness.

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Kay Merz LMT

While in the Massage Program, Kay fell in love with doing Corporate Chair Massage and has been doing that for 12 years. She has also recently certified in orthopedic massage, developing her therapeutic skills even further!

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aubrey hanson LMT (ON CALL Therapist)

Aubrey Originally started going to school for nursing, but realized she wanted to help people in a more hands-on and natural way. Throughout her years of experience she has learned how to adapt her massages to the individual needs of the client, depending on their occupation, injuries and activity level.

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