Ian Smith LMT



Ian’s curiosity in the powers of healing and helping others through physical touch led him to Zion Massage College in Saint George where he completed the school’s 900 hour Licenced Massage Therapist (LMT) program in May of 2018.

Possessing over 6 years working in Outdoor Education with a background in distance trail running, backpacking, rock climbing, yoga, martial arts and near daily cycling, Ian is passionate about living life through exploration of our physical bodies. Ian loves discussing the anatomy and physiology of client’s symptoms after each session and has assisted numerous clients in their recovery from sport and work related overuse injuries (i.e. frozen shoulder, carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis, pseudo sciatica) as well as assisting in improving postural imbalances. Whether it be relaxation, pain reduction or increased joint mobility, Ian finds enjoyment in the process of assisting others discover the healing powers of their own bodies.

Ian specializes in the slow, intentional therapeutic touch of Deep Tissue, balancing qualities of Traditional Thai Massage, and profound relaxation effects of Swedish Massage. Each of his sessions are tailored uniquely to each client’s conditions and requests, utilizing skills and techniques from multiple modalities to work towards a common goal of improved health and wellness.