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Melissa Spaulding

Life is happening fast and you deserve to get the very best out of your journey towards wellness. Sessions with Melissa at Guided Wellness are meant to address your specific concerns, your unique journey and your personal, intimate goals. Do you see a theme here? It's all about you and tailored to you as an exceptional individual.

Since 2006 Melissa has counseled overworked and overwhelmed individuals to move past their past and into creative, purposeful lives. What keeps her moving forward is a desire to craft effective, meaningful, creative interventions for her clientele. She feeds this desire through advanced training in specialty work with trauma (big or small) and it’s sources. Melissa has been trained in EMDR since 2011 and Post Induction Therapy (a method to assist those who grew up in dysfunctional families) since 2009. She also has training in Sand Tray therapy, a wonderful alternative for those who prefer a hands-on approach to personal insight. With a combination of degrees in cultural studies, gender studies and counseling Melissa enjoys working a diverse clientele of adults in southern Utah.

Counseling can support you in generating joy and energy so that you can confidently choose your adventure. Are you ready to get started on a process to heal and find wellness in your life? All you need is a confident guide. You set the journey, the vision and the pace. Melissa will develop the path and lead the way. You don't have to do this alone. Call today to schedule an appointment!

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  • Individual Counseling Services - one on one meetings, at a frequency that fits your schedule to address your personal struggles, future goals and readiness for a creative, adventurous life.

  • EMDR - Sessions that are aimed at helping individuals move past their past. Ideal for those that have experienced trauma or are ‘stuck’ by upsetting events.

  • Sand Tray Therapy - A creative alternative to ‘talk therapy’. Often used in additional to personal reflection using a sand tray allows you to literally place in front of you the stress in your life and hopes for the future, your story. Clients often report feeling a sense of control and clarity during Sand Tray sessions.

  • Family of Origin Work (PIT) - PIT work assists adults in reflecting back at how their upbringing during childhood may have impacted their current ability to feel self worth, hold boundaries, take care of themselves and make healthy decisions.

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