Manny Has Started His Wellness Program!


Do you remember our friend Manny from our last blog post? (See him and his cute family in the picture above.) Manny is going through a wellness program here at High Vibrations Healing, and we are excited to share his experiences with you as he does! We will be interviewing him each week to find out his thoughts on the program, and how it's helping him. Follow along in his exciting journey with us!

Manny started off with an AO Scan, to see where his health is at prior to starting the program.

He said he was shocked with how accurate and spot-on the results of the scan seemed to be, and that the biggest thing he learned from it is that he needs to change his diet. This is because the AO scan showed that a lot of the foods he often eats are causing or exacerbating his pain and gut issues.

Manny also said that his chakras were showing they were out of balance. He was amazed with how easily they were able to be rebalanced by listening to a specific chakra balancing frequency (given during the AO scan).

When I asked Manny his overall thoughts on the scan, he said that he loved everything about it- including the detailed report he was able to take home, which showed all of the specific organs that were out of balance. He's happy that the scan is helping him create a direction in which he can go, to help heal the issues he has going on.

As Manny put it, "I'm amazed and shocked in a good way. I've been telling all of my friends and family about it!" Stay tuned for our next blog post, and follow Manny as he improves his health as he tries out the different devices in our office!

❤️/The HVH Staff