Memberships, Health Care, & an Open House...Join the Fun!


Hey friends, we've got news! For just $5/year, you can now become a member of High Vibrations Healing! As a member of our PMA (Private Member Association), you have access to fun perks! One of these is an incredible new program, called Alive & Well!

What is Alive and Well? It's Health Care made easier! Basically, it's an affordable and innovative health care service where the Medical Professional will come right to our office or to your home. This means no long waits in the doctor's office! Here are all of the incredible benefits Alive & Well offers:

  • On-site Visits

  • 24-hour Medical Helpline

  • House Calls (Yes, Really!)

  • A Health & Fitness Assessment

  • Counseling

  • Quarterly Activities & Lectures

  • An Optional Major Medical Cost Sharing Plan

Call us to find out when we are holding our next information meeting!