Manny Tried Foot Zone Therapy and Loved It!

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Have you ever tried a Foot Zone? Manny just had the luxury of experiencing his first Foot Zone session, and he loved it! He said he felt amazing relief even after just one session!

First of all, if you're wondering what Foot Zone is, let me try to explain it with a simple analogy. If we were to compare our bodies to a computer, then the feet would be the keyboard. A foot zoner can go in and reboot the system (using the keyboard, or foot) so the computer can function more optimally. They do this by accessing the energy pathways, or meridians. These energy meridians are in all of your extremities.

Because you have these meridians on the bottom of your feet, it's kind of like having a map to your entire body there! By accessing this map, a Foot Zone practitioner can assist in healing the body's circulatory system, skeletal system, and other body systems. As a Foot Zone practitioner applies pressure to certain areas of the foot, a state of homeostasis is created. This is the state where the body is able to heal itself easily and get back into balance.

In Manny's specific Foot Zone session, Tammie, his practitioner, used a small crystal that Manny felt drawn to choose from her selection. The crystal was used to apply pressure and work out the various "crunchy spots" or issues she could feel by working with Manny's feet. Tammie also used essential oils to provide even more healing benefits.

Manny said that parts of the session were a bit painful, but more of the "hurts so good" kind of pain. You know, the kind you feel when you know something is getting worked out and going to provide much needed relief?

Before and after his session, Manny was asked to do some different stretches, so he could see if he felt more limber afterwards. He said he was able to stretch much farther after his session, and that he was definitely feeling less pain! And that his body is STILL feeling more limber even several days later! Tammie recommended having a session once every 1-2 weeks to receive the most benefit. Manny said he's excited to maintain and build upon his progress and definately plans to come back for follow-up sessions.

We're so happy that you got to experience the healing benefits of Foot Zoning Manny! Yay for progress!

❤️/The HVH Staff