Meet Manny, and Follow His Wellness Journey Back to Health!


Meet Manny Maez. Manny will be going through a health program here at High Vibrations Healing starting next week! Manny wrote this great bio to introduce himself:

“My name is Manny Maez. I'm originally from Salt Lake City, Utah. Upon graduating from East High School in 2003, I decided to join the Marine Corps, where I served honorably in 4 combat deployments. After 10 years, I was medically discharged from the Marine Corps due to some injuries received during combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. I return to Salt Lake City to continue my education, and recently moved to Saint George in October 2018 with my wife Lindsey, and our four beautiful children. We felt like Saint George was a great community to raise our family.”

As he mentioned, while Manny was serving in the Marine Corps, he received some major injuries, including a back injury and a traumatic brain injury. He also deals with combat induced PTSD. These have left him dealing with daily lower back pain, joint pain, migraines, insomnia and sleep terrors.

Manny is hoping to receive some much needed physical and mental relief from these difficulties. Please follow his journey in his desire to get his health back!

Manny, you've got this. We'll be following you on your journey and cheering you on!

❤️/The HVH Staff