Learn How to Boost Your Nutrition by Eating a Clean Diet!


It’s no secret that what you eat has a huge impact on your health. Many people are now reading food labels in an effort to eat more nutritious foods. People are taking an interest in their health and in clean eating, which is awesome!

Speaking of food labels, did you know that the healthiest foods typically have no labels at all? It’s true! Take the foods in the produce section at the grocery store for example… fruits and vegetables: no labels! How about many of the foods in the bulk section? Plain almonds or raisins, plain black beans, quinoa or different types of rice, to name a few. (Well, they may have a bulk label, but it will probably say something like “Ingredients: Almonds”).

There are so many recipes that take one ingredient foods, and put them together to create delicious and nutritious meals. This is clean eating! It doesn’t mean you can’t add spices and seasonings to create an even more flavorful recipe. However, if lasting health is your goal, you may want to try this type of eating. You’ll feel good knowing exactly what’s going into your body, and that you’re giving your body great nutrition!


Here is a great recipe book that can help…5 Ingredient One Pot Dinners!

(There are also many similar recipe books for clean eating).


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♥️The HVH Staff