Addictions of Any Kind? We Can Help!

If you’re facing addictions such as alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, pornography, or really any addiction, we can help you! This man’s story is a great example of how quickly things can turn around. See his story below: (Name changed for privacy).

Bill was addicted to alcohol and pain medication. He had tried basically everything else before he found the Theta Wellness program. While going through the program, he started to feel better and better, which he says impacted every part of his life. He started working out and sleeping well again. All of his relationships, which had been very strained, dramatically improved. His pain dissipated, and he finally felt he had alignment and happiness in his life again.

As Bill put it, “I’d recommend [the Theta Wellness Program] to my family and friends, and I do. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Matter fact, I’d have done it sooner if I’d had the opportunity.”

Do you have addictions that your life would be so much better without? Don’t put off getting your life back! Call us today: 435-879-9180

♥️/The HVH Staff