Anxiety and Depression: We Can Help!

You probably already know that anxiety and depression are the two most common mental health disorders. But did you know that both of these disorders can be helped at our office? It’s true! We have various wellness programs that are only 28 days long (sometimes shorter)! So if you, or somebody you love has anxiety or depression, keep reading!

Although they can be quite different, the symptoms, causes and treatment of anxiety and depression often overlap. Before a person is diagnosed with one or the other of these disorders, several of the following symptoms will most likely be present:

Symptoms of anxiety:

  • excessive worry

  • restlessness

  • sleep disturbances

  • muscle tension

  • easily fatigued

  • irritability

  • trouble concentrating


Symptoms of depression:

  • depressed mood

  • lack of interest in things you  enjoyed before

  • trouble concentrating

  • suicidal thoughts or behavior

  • lack of energy

  • increase or decrease in appetite

  • slowing of movement

  • insomnia or hyper insomnia

  • feelings of guilt or worthlessness

At our office, we are now treating both of these disorders with our new Theta Chamber, and several other devices that use energy medicine. (We also treat addictions and several other mental and physical disorders.) And the best news is, we are currently offering free consultations, as well as a 20% discount off of anything you purchase your first day, even if you choose to use what you purchased later on. It’s a steal of a deal! (Just make sure to mention this post).

See you soon at your free consult!

♥️The HVH Staff