High Vibes Up: Michelle's Healing Journey

I can’t believe this 28-day program is nearly over! This month has flown by. I’ve had lots of great things happen, I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve been getting my vibes up! 


Throughout this time, Karey and Nancy have told me lots of times to listen to my own intuition. I must say, my intuition tells me that I’ve made more progress than I even realize. I truly think I’ll notice it even more when I’m completely done with the program next week. 

I’ve had a few improvements that I’m almost scared to share for fear of over sharing, aka TMI.;) But I asked the staff at High Vibes about this one, and they said I just have to share, so here it is. (Please don’t be grossed out... but fair warning-you may be! Also, I promise I’m a clean and non-gross person, lol. It could happen to anyone!)

Before I started the program, I took a ”before” picture of the back of my neck because I had gotten a small cyst, and it wasn’t pretty. I also saw a dermatologist before the 28 days started, and he said he could remove the cyst surgically. However, I decided to wait a bit and see how going through the program at HVH would affect it. I always wear my hair down, so I mostly forgot about the cyst, and didn’t even think to look at it again until today. But wow, what a difference! (Also notice how my hair looks thicker than before!)





There’s still some red discoloration that I’m sure will lighten up over time, but overall it looks and feels so much better. The bump is about 95% gone and Karey said that it looks like it has been surgically removed! I’m guessing it was the LED light bed that helped it the most. Pretty incredible, right?!


Besides everything else that can be helped at High Vibrations Healing, I think this is a great place to have skin issues addressed. I would much rather lay on a bed with healing LED lights, than have a “surgical removal!” Maybe that’s just me though?

As I told the staff at HVH today, if I meet or talk with anyone that has any sort of skin or health issue, I’ll definitely be telling them to get their booty in here!

Happy healing!