Follow Michelle’s 28-day Healing Journey at High Vibrations Healing: Days 3-4

Today when I was in the office at HVH, the staff told me that some of you coming in for appointments have been mentioning the blog. Thank you so much for following it! I will be beyond happy if going through this program not only helps me, but helps some of you as well. 

I also want to give a shout out to the staff at HVH. They are incredible, every single one of them. They are all so friendly and kind, and they truly do make you feel like family. It’s amazing. (This is me with Nancy, one of the owners of High Vibrations.) 


Days 3 & 4 in my program also went really well! Every time I go in for an appointment, (which is every day, Monday through Friday), I am using the Theta chamber and either the LED Light Bed or the Rife machine. Along with the Theta Chamber, I’m really excited about these 2 machines!   

This was my second time on the LED Light bed, and I really do like it! The bed has red, blue, and Infrared lights in it, which are extremely helpful in healing issues of the skin and various health conditions. Damaged tissues throughout the body can be healed as the lights promote white blood cell repair. The bed has 7 various programs you can choose from, so you can tailor it for your body’s specific needs. This is part of what makes it so great! Nancy was showing me all of the things that can be healed, and the list was enormous! Look how comprehensive the list is, just only looking at MS!


The Rife machine is also so incredible! It’s really noninvasive too. I’ve found I can even read a book or do some work while I’m getting a treatment done. (This can even be coupled with a treatment in the Hyperbaric Cube.) So you can read your book, and get 2 treatments done at once! That’s what I call efficiency! 

You’re still wondering how it works though, huh?! 

Well, all medical conditions have a electromagnetic frequency. The Rife machine is used to find the same frequency of the medical condition, and to be set at that frequency in order to eradicate diseased cells. Check out the numerous videos on YouTube about Rife machines. So many practitioners are using them these days, and people are claiming to be cured of all sorts of things.

I have found this to be the easiest treatment of all. I just wear headphones that play tones and frequencies into my ears...that’s it! And wow, I really believe in this stuff. After my first session, I walked out and had a MUCH better day than usual. I went shopping, did some housecleaning, and really just felt a lot better than usual! I can’t wait to try the various programs that are offered with the Rife.

Symptom relief, I love you.

Happy Healing!