Follow Michelle’s 28-day Healing Journey at High Vibrations Healing: Day Two



So… Today was day two of this 28-day program, and to say I was excited for today is putting it mildly. 

Today I got a full session on the Theta Chamber and the LED Light Bed! Super, SUPER cool machines.

First, let me explain what was so awesome about the Theta Chamber. I mean, in case the pictures aren’t already doing that for me. Do I look happy and relaxed, or what?!


The Theta Chamber uses 7 incredible modalities to help you reach the Theta Brainwave State. In this state, your body can heal 30x faster than in the brainwave state you’re usually in. 

The 7 modalities include light, sound, motion, and PEMF (magnetic frequencies), to name a few. Before we started my session, we created a specific program for me, by selecting the 3 areas of my health I want to focus on healing first. 

The chamber is comfortable, and it actually slowly spins while you’re in it...but somehow it doesn’t feel like you are! It was a really cool experience, and I’m hopeful for the increased health I believe it can help me achieve.

After 30 minutes on the Theta Chamber, I got to spend 20 minutes on the LED Red Light Bed. It was also really nice and relaxing...and again, we were able to program it for my specific needs, which I love. 


I really tried to pay close attention to how I felt the rest of the day today, and here are the main things that I noticed:

* I found myself humming and singing during the entire drive to pick my son up from school. These are things that I only do when I’m feeling calm and rested, and just overall- good. So, sadly, it’s not a typical thing for me like it used to be. But it felt nice to feel more like myself during that drive!

* I found my stomach felt different than usual after I had some water when I got home. Not a bad or uncomfortable feeling really, but like maybe some detox was starting?? Don’t worry, it only lasted a few minutes.

*Overall, I felt better this afternoon than I typically do. The feeling was similar to how I feel on a day that I’ve had a good massage. More energized, less achy, and just overall feeling more healthy than usual! I even got a thing or two done that I have been trying to get to lately. That was satisfying. 


Any day that I feel better than I usually do is a great day in my book. Am I looking forward to my next session? Yes, yes I am!

Happy Healing!