Follow Michelle’s 28-Day Healing Journey at High Vibrations Healing: Day One

Day 1: Full Body Health Scan & Psych-K Emotional Clearing!


I just had my first AO scan and Psych-K appointment, which are both done at the beginning of a 28-day Wellness Program at High Vibrations Healing. You’re probably wondering what these things are. Well, let me tell ya!

An AO scan is a full body digital scanner, that can give details of your overall health in a matter of a few minutes. My appointment today was quick and painless, and I love that I have results showing where my health is at right before I start the program. 

It’s also great that I’ll be able to compare these results with the ones I get when the 28-day program is over. I’m so excited to see things change, and to be able to measure how much improvement I make.


Overall, the AO scan was an awesome experience and I’m very glad I got to have it done. And I’m really looking forward to seeing my numbers improve!

In preparation for my healing, I also just had a Psych-K (Psychological Kinesiology) appointment. The purpose of Psych-K is to work with the subconscious mind, in order to change your beliefs at the subconscious level...the ones that are keeping you stuck in your life!

In my life, I have absolutely felt stuck with my health, and it hasn’t been fun. But I’m feeling hope, and like things are finally going to shift and change for me, and that IS fun! It’s exciting to imagine a life without feeling super blah all the time! A life where I get to do what I want to do... like active things with my husband and son!


The Psych-K facilitator at High Vibrations Healing is Bob Wolf. Let me just start off by saying… Bob is awesome! Just like all of the other staff at HVH, he was super nice and made me feel like family. 

All these years that I’ve dealt with health issues, I’ve heard a million times that “disease” almost always has some sort of emotion or core belief that is causing it. It makes sense, but I’ve never understood how to get to the bottom of what the emotion or belief is, and how to get rid of it so my body can heal. Well, this is how!


Psych K is an easy way to rewrite your subconscious beliefs in order to change the results in your life, and each belief only takes minutes to change. I literally saw it happen during my appointment today! And at our next appointment, we’ll get to dig even deeper. I can’t wait to get back on the bright and beautiful path of health! 


Happy Healing!