The Last Week: Michelle's Healing Journey

Last week peeps! Only one week left of my 28-day healing program! Did I ever mention that every person that goes through a similar program will get one tailored to what would be best for them specifically? It’s so cool; I’ve honestly never found any other program quite like it! 


Today I’m excited to share something totally different than what I was expecting from this journey. My husband, Justin- who has had pain and issues with his back for over four years now, came to High Vibrations with me last Friday. He used the Body Mat and vibration machine to see if it could help his back. Well... the next day he was having significantly less pain! Because of that, we decided to go back today (Monday) and have him use the Body Mat for an even longer session. I won’t be surprised if he feels even better tomorrow, and wants to go every day this week. Here’s to hoping, and I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about his experience later. 


Also, the latest update on me...

I’m still noticing some positive things. My favorite lately- is that if I’m having a crummy feeling day, and I go to my session at HVH, I leave feeling so much better than I came in. I love that! I’m sure I’m still detoxing and healing bit by bit, layer by layer… like an onion, as they say. But I’m welcoming and celebrating every single bit of progress along the way.

I have an upcoming AO Scan at the end of this week, so I can compare numbers from where I was at before, to where I’m at now. I’m looking forward to seeing progress there, and feeling confident that I will.

Thanks for following my journey this far... just one more week!

Happy healing!


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