Ten Days Left: Michelle's Healing Journey

Hi again! This has been the 3rd week (currently day 18) of my 28-day program. I have learned so much so far, and feel like I’m getting even more in tune with my body. These machines I’ve been utilizing during the program are pretty amazing, and I’m starting to worry that I’ll miss them when the program is over.


One of the great things about this place (besides the free herbal tea;), is that everyone seems to have their own testimonials about the various modalities. Several times as I’ve been talking with different staff members, they’ve opened up to me about how this or that has helped them. One of the things I hear most often about, is the Body Mat. I’ve been on it several times myself, and since I haven’t talked about it here in this blog yet, I’m going to do that first (before I share a couple of experiences from the staff). 


This body mat (pictured above) contains PEMF technology that improves the cardiac system, which in turn increases blood flow. This allows your body to start rejuvenating and healing. It can even increase mental alertness and accuracy! And did I mention that a session on the Mat is only 8 minutes? There are different intensities that can be programmed for your session, but it really only takes 8 minutes! I don’t know of any other modality that is that quick and easy. You literally just sit on this big mat that covers a comfy chair that can lean back, and visualize (if you want) that you are wherever you want to be. Aaahhh!


I have been inspired by the Body Mat experiences of the owners of HVH, Karey and Nancy...

About a week ago, as I was talking with Karey, she told me that after a few weeks of using the Body Mat, she had complete healing of her cracked heals. That really inspired me, because I know how much harder it is for anything on the feet to heal, because of their distance from the heart. But the improved circulation she got from using the mat completely healed them! I think that’s amazing.

Nancy also shared with me something incredible that has happened for her by using the Body Mat. She said that awhile back she was having lower back pain, and after just three days of using it, her pain was gone and it hasn’t come back. I thought that was astounding...just 3 days!! I know so many people with back pain, and if this can be the answer for them too, it seems like a pretty simple one to me. Having no pain means you get to do the things you want to again!


Based on everything I’ve seen, this place seems to have it all. If you’ve got pain, they can help you. If you’ve got emotional issues to work through, they can help you! Depression, addictions, health problems…this seems to be the place no matter what you’re dealing with! I have a close friend whom I feel confident could find relief from coming here. I’ll definitely be talking to her about that this week!

Wow, just wow!! This place is awesome!

Happy healing!


High Vibrations Healing