Wellness Wednesday: Two Amazing Workout Apps!

If you know me you know that fitness is very important to me, though I’m fairly low key about it.  I don’t like to “exercise”, but I have favorite activities that keep me active like hiking and gardening, and I try to get some skiing, cycling, and a little swimming in there too. However, about two and a half years ago I got the nudge to do something more; I was over 50 and wanted to keep the amazing good health that I have always enjoyed.

So I dragged myself to Summit Athletic Gym and signed up for personal training. During the registration process, I was asked about my fitness goals to which I promptly responded: “I want to age gracefully!”  What does that mean? I want to remain healthy, strong and active. I want to be the favorite grandma that plays in the park, hikes, swims, and whatever else my grandkids want to do.

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So for two and a half years I faithfully went to my weekly personal training sessions and had awesome results. Kudo’s to Donovan, Jeff and Sherri, my three amazing and knowledgeable trainers. I thought that I would always need them, however recently my little voice inside said it was time to try it on my own.

How am I doing it? I’ve found two workout apps that I think are excellent. “8 Fit” is a great home workout app that has several weeks worth of free sessions, tailored to your level of fitness. The workouts are short, only 10-16 minutes, but they really get your heart pumping and they walk you through a warm-up and cool-down session as well. I never thought I would ever admit to this, but I’m missing my personal torture sessions…

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Oops! Did I really say that? I mean I’m missing my personal training sessions so I had to get the “Workout” app too. It does the same thing as 8 Fit, but it is geared to the gym.  (Ladies don’t worry about the pictures of burly men in the app photo, they have plenty of workouts for women too.) This app only gives you a 7 day trial period before charging an $80 annual subscription fee, but it seemed worth it to me. The workouts are more traditional length, about an hour or so. I like how both apps have descriptions and videos demonstrating how to do the exercises correctly.

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I use both apps; when I only have a short amount of time or don’t feel like going to the gym, I use 8 Fit; other times when I’m in the mood for a good gym session I use Workout.

There you have it.  A couple of workout apps that I really like, but if they aren’t what you are looking for there are plenty of others in the App store. Just keep moving, and focus on a strong body and good posture, important elements in maintaining mobility and preventing injury throughout your life.

Karey Bleak

Co-founder of High Vibrations Healing

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