Meet Karen

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Karen Urbanek is an accomplished author, speaker, motivator and mother to eleven, Karen’s passion for the human body and the science of life is felt by all who meet her. Karen and her family ran two wellness centers, organic grocery stores and organic cafes before Karen became the President of the International Institute of Holistic Health and Education. She is a walking wealth of knowledge!

Karen offers something known as an "AO Scan." The AO complete body scan presents detailed visual reports of the health status of the organs, systems, and tissue of the body, by measuring electromagnetic signals and the subtle bio-frequencies. Medical researchers in Germany found that the health of an organ, tissue, system or cell structure within the body can be determined by passing micro current frequencies through the body and measuring the current’s resistance.

More simply, the "AO" scan gives you a detailed analysis of what's going on in your body, where, and by consulting with Karen you are able to figure out a course of action to do something about it.

We are so lucky to have the opportunity for Karen to offer occasional scans in our very own office, at High Vibrations Healing. Call or text us to schedule an appointment and try it for yourself!

Karen also occasionally teaches health and wellness classes here in our office.  For more details check out the events calendar on our website.

Karen also has a fabulous website filled with more detailed information on AO Scans and other aspects of holistic health.  You can also read her full story to understand more of the "why" Karen does what she does.  Click the button below to learn even more about her!