Wellness Wednesday: A New Series

Wellness Wednesday.png

Wednesday, often referred to as “hump day”, seems to be one of the worst days of the week. (And that often awkward nickname doesn’t necessarily help.) Every Wednesday we find ourselves slowly running out of energy and not looking forward to the drudgery that is the rest of the week.

Do you find yourself looking at the calendar and muttering “It’s only Wednesday?” At this point, are you dreading the last two or three days of the work week because of how infinitely far away the weekend seems? I know when I do this, my gloom overshadows all of the good vibes I’ve worked so hard to hold onto, and dwelling in that darkness NEVER feels good.

This is exactly why we may need a little mid-week pick-me-up post- a little self-care and a little self-love to keep us going. Why can’t every day during our busy work week can still be amazing and empowering? It CAN! The only one who says you can’t is that negativity nagging you to give up and slump so far down in your office chair that nobody will dare approach you.

happy blue ocean woman beach wellness.jpeg

Let’s make every Wednesday an excuse to take care of ourselves and face the rest of our week not with pessimism, but with strength and positivity! Welcome to Wellness Wednesday! This is where we can throw that midweek crash out the door and remember that WE are truly in charge of how we feel, regardless of the weight of our to-do lists, the fear of failure, and the stress of life in general.

We can RAISE OUR VIBRATIONS and help others to do the same!

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Each Wednesday you can look forward to a blog post with some tips and tricks on how to better take care of yourself. We are so excited to share this with you, and we hope you enjoy Wellness Wednesdays as much as we do!

That being said, our challenge for you today, no matter what your mood or circumstance, is to take a moment to look at something beautiful.

Look out your window, look at a photo of a loved one, or simply look at the sky and simply take a moment to remember that life is beautiful. Just taking the time to appreciate those small things, no matter how limited that time may be, is the first step to “purifying your mind.”

Happy High Vibes!